Our Story

We are located about 60 km from Zagreb in Nature park Zumberak-Samobor mountains. Our main business is organic farming and we are making “from field to table” kind of cuisine. In cooperation with local family estates we are in position to offer you only the best products of our region. To our guests we serve “Traditional Zumberak cuisine” with the modern twist which, because of its great success, became a part of “I Love Tradition” project, supported by the Zumberak-Samobor Mountains Nature Park. Because of our choosing this line of work, to us this is not a business but a way of life.

Our Mission

We don`t have the exact mission or a plan, we simply love what we do and because of it we love to share it with others. ...

Our Family

Snježana (Marija) Klanfar

Cooking, field and gardening are my favourite things.

Goran Klanfar

You can call me "Handyman".

Josip Klanfar

Father of a beautiful little daughter and a CEO of my small company.

Anja Klanfar

Dauther in law
As a mom, I love spending time with my little daughter. I`m also chasing a career in photography.

Franciska Klanfar

Because of my Master degree in Wood Technology, I work in a furniture manufacturing company in Zagreb. Into cooking, traveling and nature.

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