Dine With Us

Guests will enjoy in a "Traditional Zumberak cuisine" with the modern twist. It is a "field to table" seasonal cuisine from our field and local farmers. Because it is so unique, it became a part of “I Love Tradition” project, supported by the Zumberak-Samobor Mountains Nature Park.

Drink With Us

Natural juices, herbal teas, wine, water... There is something for everyone.

Ride With Us

In cooperation with local bike rentals you can enjoy in two wheels adventures. We`d be happy to guide or point you towards some of our accessible local destinations and beyond.

Fulfill Your Time

Our region is referred to as the "Green lungs of Croatia". Explore it by foot, car or a bike, you won`t regret it.


If only thing what you wan`t is to be far from everything and relax, don`t worry, we got you covered. Order a Picnic basket and we will point You to the accessible places for you to enjoy in.