On the doorstep of their rural household Podžumberak family Klanfar will offer you their kindest regards.

Ovako je bilo na početkuThis is how it looked like in the beginning

With a big smile on his face Goran will offer you a hand of welcome, while Snježana is preparing her homemade liquer, elderberry juice and a sweet treat to freshen up after your long travel.

There is no topic Goran will know at least something about and thus surprise his guest, as there is not a single dish that Snjezana can not prepare as your grandmother did.

Whether you want to actively help them in the field to taste the charms of rural life or you just want to sit down, take a rest from the stress of everyday life with a glass of wine, Goran and Snježana are at your disposal.

Goran i Snjezana s plodovima u polju u B&B Podzumberak

Alongside Goran and Snježana, Mia i Feliks are also the masters of this household.

“Woof woof!” – come and visit us.