Two-day offers

Two-day offers

Two-day offers

Do you sometimes wish to run away from your daily life
and just spend some quality time with your loved ones?

In our two-day reality escape programs, you will treat yourself and your loved ones with a quality time in nature, bonding and enjoying your free time. When we mix pure air, great food and beautiful nature with some final touches and details, a special holiday at Podžumberak is guaranteed.

For your stay in the Nature Park Žumberak-Samoborsko gorje and the surrounding area, we have prepared a special offer in which you will enjoy. Alongside the flavors of traditional Žumberak and its untouched natural and cultural beauty, you will be relaxing by listening the sound of the stream, birds singing, the choir of crickets and a light wind, which playfully welcomes visitors to its homeland.

Here’s what you can experience in Podžumberak:

Dinners on the site of New Town Žumberak – NEW

Picnic in the hearth of Žumberak – NEW

Relaxing dinners under the starry sky next to the pleasant crackling of fire from an open furnace – NEW

Walking tours on the forgotten routes in the untouched nature

Tour of the places with natural, historical and cultural significance of the Žumberak region

Workshops organic farming and sustainable development, the preparation of medicinal teas, preparing food for the winter preserves, jams and juices – NEW

Products tasting of the local OPG’s

Tour of the wineries along the slopes of Žumberak

Panoramic tour of Žumberak

Various gatherings (barbecue etc.) on the lawn next to the main building


Each program and your visit can be unique, just tell us your wishes and we will do everything in our power to achieve this.

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