About Žumberak

Potok 02Žumberak is a mountain range on the Croatian-Slovenian border. It is situated in the western part of central Croatia and is part of the Zagreb County. This mountain range stretches northeast-southwest over about 50 kilometers. The highest peak of the Žumberak mountains is St. Gera (Trdinov vrh) at 1181 m. Žumberak is at the meeting point of three climatic influences: Alpine, Continental and Mediterranean.

Nature has rarely offered such wealth and beauty in such a small space.

Žumberak today is a place of clean air and untouched nature with beautiful forests and clean water, and has received the status of Nature Park on the 28th of May in 1999.

The purpose of declaring the area as nature park was to protect and promote its natural beauties. The law defines that Nature park is natural or partly inhabited area with obvious estethical, ecological and educational, cultural, historical or turistical values with ongoing activities that do not endanger its characteristics.

The area is completly rural without a single town.

Nature park Žumberak also called “green lungs” of Croatia and Zagreb county, has 330 km2. It offers trekkers, mountain-bikers and off-roader nature “as it was before”, simple life and above all, lots of untared trails.

On the west side of Zagreb county, from 180 – 1178 m, raise and strecth nature park Žumberak, just on border with Slovenia. It seemed that this little dot on maps of Croatia man had forgoten. If someone go astray on his way to Adria, he find wilderness all around.

Do not expect perfect tourist region. Although may seem that tavern is closed, You can find something to eat, usually it is some simple meal what people have provide for themselves.

Don’t be confused with name Žumberak, this name stand’s for nature park, mountain, parish, village, etc. Some things can be confusing for foreigner here in Croatia, but so it is.

In the end, maybe is important to say that here in Žumberak You can find around 30 sorts of Orchids during April, May and Juni.


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