Picnics and Dinners with a Panoramic View Over the Žumberak Valley

Picnics and Dinners with a Panoramic View Over the Žumberak Valley

Picnics and Dinners with a Panoramic View Over the Žumberak Valley

B&B “Podžumberak” in cooperation with Agroturistico Travel agency and Hostel Flores, wants to introduce you to the arrangements of a single day and two (or more) days trip arrangements in which we offer you a unique experience of our region, Žumberak.

Since we are located in the heart of the Nature Park Žumberak-Samoborsko gorje, with long-term dedication to this area we have perfected our knowledge and our skills, therefore we are able to offer you the best of Žumberak. As professional managers we will do our best to provide you the full experience of the beauty Žumberak provides – from the flavors and aromas of Žumberak, various walking tours along forgotten paths, cycling tours, culture, customs and the rich history of the area.

Dinners at the place where a New Town Žumberak once stood, with panoramic view of the valley of the village Žumberak, picnics on the meadows, evening gatherings around the warm, open fire while the starry sky is looking from above  – all of that is what will complete your stay with a unique sense of wellbeing.

Young or old, couples, families or friends, it does not matter, these deals are created for absolutely every one of you, who are looking for entertainment in the nature and the introduction to the new sites, customs and people.

We will complete this diverse range of offers with traditional food from Žumberak region with a pinch of a modern touch and nights in floral decorated rooms of B&B “Podžumberak” and hostel Flores. Each room respires with uniqueness so that your holiday can be spent in peace and quiet.

We can also offer you a seminar room with capacity up to 30 people for business events, workshops, meetings, seminars, etc. The seminar room includes: projector and projection screen, laptop, Wi-Fi network, and (as additional content) we have a photocopier and a scanner. For your carefree and relaxed business gathering, we offer gastronomic service during the short break and lunch at B&B Podžumberak or at a nearby restaurant.

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