The inspiration for the interior design of rooms in B&B Podžumberak was found in three characteristic Žumberak’s flowers – poppy (hr. mak), flax (hr. lan) and thyme (hr. timijan).

Poppy is a plant with intensive red color, which was on Žumberak typically grown in the fields of wheat, which was the basic ingredient for the production of bread and other specialties.

Flax was very important plant for domestic population because the weavers made traditional folk costumes out of it.

Thyme is the plant of distinctive healing qualities. It was used in the form of tea to cure many diseases of the poor population.

In B&B Podžumberak we are able to offer you:

  • Safety 24/7
  • Linings included
  • Towels included
  • Hot water shower
  • Night light for reading
  • Closets
  • Common area with social games and cable TV
  • Free Internet access
  • Free WiFi access
  • Outdoor guest terrace
  • Parking
  • Maps of Žumberak (bicycle routes)
  • Possibility of organized tourist tours

In B&B Podžumberak we especially happy when you visit us with your children, and your pets are also welcome.

All taxes are included in the service price.

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