Picnics and Dinners with a Panoramic View Over the Žumberak Valley

Picnics and Dinners with a Panoramic View Over the Žumberak Valley

B&B “Podžumberak” in cooperation with Agroturistico Travel agency and Hostel Flores, wants to introduce you to the arrangements of a single day and two (or more) days trip arrangements in which we offer you a unique experience of our region, Žumberak. Since we are located in the heart of the Nature Park…

Our household

Far away from the buzz of the city and everyday hurries, in a green oasis of peace is the “PODŽUMBERAK“ family estate. Experience nature, tradition, culture, the cuisine of Žumberak and our hospitality in a special way. Forget about your daily worries and stress, and fill your lungs with fresh, clean air.

The young and old can easily fill their day with various activities. In addition to walking through the fragrant meadows and forests and bicycle riding, you can join us in carrying out our daily tasks: maintaining the garden, picking vegetables and fruit, harvest berries, making brandy, collecting hay…

You will be thrilled when you realize that all the food you eat here is produced in a healthy and natural way. You will get to know us and if you wish, spend time with us and our children.

Each guest is welcome with a toast and with delicious, healthy food from the local traditional Žumberak cuisine, prepared for those gourmets who love home-cooked meals.

Vegeterians are also welcome to enjoy our healthy food.

The young and the old – there is something here for everyone.

We can talk to you in english, german and croatian.

A warming welcome wishes you family Klanfar




Although it may sound like a cliché, but there is only a few places in the world so close to city’s urban areas – Zagreb, Jastrebarsko, Karlovac, Samobor in which you will feel as if time stood still and easily forget the sounds of the city noise and busy lifestyle.

As a painter on his palette, the nature in Žumberak mixes all shades of green, brown and blue. Green tree tops, pastures and dense deciduous forests are speckled with clear streams of fresh drinking water.

Climb up some of Žumberak’s slopes and spread your view – life will briefly nicer and easier.



On the doorstep of their rural household Podžumberak family Klanfar will offer you their kindest regards.

Ovako je bilo na početkuThis is how it looked like in the beginning

With a big smile on his face Goran will offer you a hand of welcome, while Snježana is preparing her homemade liquer, elderberry juice and a sweet treat to freshen up after your long travel.

There is no topic Goran will know at least something about and thus surprise his guest, as there is not a single dish that Snjezana can not prepare as your grandmother did.

Whether you want to actively help them in the field to taste the charms of rural life or you just want to sit down, take a rest from the stress of everyday life with a glass of wine, Goran and Snježana are at your disposal.

Goran i Snjezana s plodovima u polju u B&B Podzumberak

Alongside Goran and Snježana, Mia i Feliks are also the masters of this household.

“Woof woof!” – come and visit us.




The inspiration for the interior design of rooms in B&B Podžumberak was found in three characteristic Žumberak’s flowers – poppy (hr. mak), flax (hr. lan) and thyme (hr. timijan).

Poppy is a plant with intensive red color, which was on Žumberak typically grown in the fields of wheat, which was the basic ingredient for the production of bread and other specialties.

Flax was very important plant for domestic population because the weavers made traditional folk costumes out of it.

Thyme is the plant of distinctive healing qualities. It was used in the form of tea to cure many diseases of the poor population.

In B&B Podžumberak we are able to offer you:

  • Safety 24/7
  • Linings included
  • Towels included
  • Hot water shower
  • Night light for reading
  • Closets
  • Common area with social games and cable TV
  • Free Internet access
  • Free WiFi access
  • Outdoor guest terrace
  • Parking
  • Maps of Žumberak (bicycle routes)
  • Possibility of organized tourist tours

In B&B Podžumberak we especially happy when you visit us with your children, and your pets are also welcome.

All taxes are included in the service price.